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realpoisonivy [userpic]

The daily fight against weight...

June 9th, 2007 (05:12 pm)

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I went swimming today. Alone, cause swimming with friends is not the same. They're just lying in the sun to get fried while all I want to do is SWIM. It was nice, but the way home was embaressing. After I got out of the water I immediatly threw my pants on and walked to the train station. Several ppl passed by and gave me strange looks. At the station I knew why. The water had soaked my pants, but only between my legs (the pants have a weird material). It looked liked I had peed.. *blushes* *snort snort* I was in a good mood, so I just laughed about it.

I think swimming is a good start to lose some weight. And not by trying another diet, that leads to the famous yo-yo-effect (is this the right term??).

Why is it, that losing weight is always such a struggle? I heard southerner put weight on more easily than other women (how unfair), so I am not surprised. I got pretty hair and a nice skin color from my father, but unfortunately a big butt and thighs, too *sigh*

I don't like my looks, I never did. The opinions of other ppl (especially men) never interested me, though. What unnerved me was my own inability to control the amount of food I consumed. Or the lack of physical activities such as sports. But I am determined to change that. Being 21 means it's waaaay too early to accept my overbalance.

Years ago I thought about the cause of the problems one encounters while fighting against the kilos.. or pounds. It's just so fucking hard to avoid food. I mean, you need it to survive, not like alcohol for example. You can't avoid eating. Well, everyone says, it's sooo easy to eat the right food. Fresh vegetables and fruits. But who has the TIME to buy them and actually cook? Certainly not students like myself. But men seem to think, that models and stars show, that the perfect body is possible. Well, it is, but only with a personal trainer, who runs after you and slaps the chocolate out of your hands and cheers you on in the gym. The false impression of males again don't really bother me (they are stupid anyway), but I fear the ideas young girl get while watching TV. What do you get to see there? Storks in new designer labels..

Wow, my rantings get longer everytime...

realpoisonivy [userpic]

Ouran icons and banners

September 27th, 2006 (09:16 pm)

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Those are my first 10 self-made icons, so please be harsh.. I need criticism ^^ And 3 banners I made just for fun.

Leave a comment, when you take some and credit by adding realpoisonivy in the description. When you want to use them in forums, please direct to my journal. And NO hotlinking!!

my fav ^^

click here for the icons and bannersCollapse )

realpoisonivy [userpic]

Anime talk

August 20th, 2006 (11:19 pm)

I really like to rant about my favorite animes, so why not just do it in my journal?? And writing this was really fun... so maybe mor will soon follow.

KKM: Is Yuuri homophobic?Collapse )

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